The number one question we are asked when it comes to kitchen remodeling…

“Can you paint my cabinets?”

There is no easy answer for this- not all cabinets are created equally. Generally, if you are starting with a ‘builder grade’ cabinet, or cabinets that came with your home when it was originally built, the answer is no. More often than not, this grade of cabinet is not made with solid wood, and therefore difficult to refinish without damaging. The existing finish and condition of your cabinetry, paint, stain, veneer, etc. are also factors in whether or not they can be refinished.

If you are starting with a high grade of cabinets or custom cabinetry, then it may be possible to refinish or paint them. This type of cabinetry is generally made with solid wood or plywood and can be disassembled, sanded and painted or refinished. Our cabinet paint process is thorough and includes high quality paint applied with sprayer to achieve a ‘from the factory’ finish. This kind of cabinetry is not found in very many homes.

Whatever you decide to do with your kitchen cabinetry- paint or replace- Taber Residential can make the process seamless with our in-house design and build team. We offer semi-custom real wood cabinetry in a variety of styles and colors, with all the options like soft-close doors and roll out organization systems. The most popular cabinets we install are a classic shaker style in white for wall and base cabinets, and a colored accent island. Grey is the current trend, as pictured below, but Taber Residential can customize your new kitchen with any color cabinetry you desire.

In the room that brings the most return on investment when it comes to remodeling- and being the room that you probably spend the most time in with your family, you should explore your options with a professional! After all, quality of life begins at home!